Honky-Tonk Singer David Adam Byrnes Knows About Those “Old School” Moves 9/29/20

by cmt.com staff 9/29/2020 

David Adam Byrnes has had his share of hard knocks in the music business, yet over the last few years, the Texas music scene has embraced his appealing brand of country music. With a true honky-tonk sound and prominent supporters like Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson, the Arkansas native is back on solid ground after enduring a couple of bad breaks in the Nashville industry. 

Now based in Fort Worth, Byrnes will deliver a new album, Neon Town, on Friday, October 2. Fans of Mark Chesnutt should especially take note (and the Conway Twitty reference in the lyrics is fully appreciated). Enjoy “Old School,” which speaks to tradition in more ways than one, then read our interview below the player.


What do you remember most about the shoot for this video? 

I remember the general excitement of shooting my first music video in so long but I was also a little nervous — LOL. Writing songs, recording them, and playing them live is easy and comes natural. Delivering a song on camera can be a little intimidating. 

How does the video bring your song to life? 

The song is already kind of playful so I thought doing a music video would give the song an identity and deliver it the way I see it, not just hear it. I also thought it helped show a more playful side of my personality. 

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video? 

As fun as the song is, I just feel men need to get back to being a gentleman and treating women like ladies. It’s as simple as holding or opening the door, picking up the check, and having the overall manners that a man should have towards a woman. Some may call it “Old School.” 

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time? 

It felt great. You can have an idea of how something will come out but you just never know until you see the finished product. I thought Dylan’s vision (the director) matched mine perfectly and Kylie (the female lead) and Justin (the male lead) absolutely nailed the main roles. I think it’s a fun song and video for the current times that I hope everyone truly enjoys.